At Wusu Training, I strive to help you become the best athlete that you can be. Through my lifelong experiences, I’ve created the Wusu Methoda comprehensive full body approach that gives people the ability to achieve their best self – I focus on helping you learn to move better,  injury prevention, and empowering athletes to be their best physical, mental and emotional self.  As a result, this should allow you to optimize your body system to become the master of your own domain.

The sports performance and fitness industries are finally taking note of movement being a central role in the developmental process. The language behind developmental systems is finally shifting – movement is becoming a tagline. At Wusu Training, I hold this to be the purpose of the process, and do not intend for it to be any sort of a by-product result. It is the key. It is everything. If you plan to get ahead of this curve and learn to understand the foundation behind your movement history and gain the knowledge to not only move better, but understand why – you have come to the right place.

Where we start

The feet are the base of the body’s system, and all movement should be instructed through that process. Developing the correct body awareness, balance, strength and coordination is the baseline for all athleticism and creates a rehabilitative safety net for the athlete as they develop. 

Wusu Wisdom: Rehabilitation should be administered in tandem with a program, and not something to administer only after a mishap or the programming fails.

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