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How I Started Wusu Training

I often get the question, “Why do you do what you do? Why are you so obsessed with movement?” I sit here blinking to myself, wondering how does one control the tidal wave of information that wants to blurt out all at once. Where do you begin? What would be the most helpful piece of information? In my head, everything connects…everything is important. But the reality is, without the right foundation and frame of mind, only fractions of that information will be absorbed and processed by the interested party.

So why do I do what I do? Wusu Training originated from a relentless examination of the prevalence of injuries in athletes at all levels—myself included. I strive to develop a performance system that aids athletes in understanding their body and accomplishing their goals in a sustainable way, avoiding the pitfalls I experienced in my career, and the many common ailments affecting athletes now.

Everyone is an Athlete

Athlete, as it is being used here, is a catch-all term. From the elite and professional ranks, to the budding superstars, to the desk jockeys turned weekend warriors, and those who fondly think about the days that have gone by — we all benefit from moving as best as we can for optimal health and performance. Simply stated, every athlete (read: person) has the potential and ability to move better. So I consider everyone joining in this quest to be an athlete. Athlete is simply an inspirational (aspirational?) title that evokes a journey and a goal to be greater.

What is Wusu Training?

I want to create that culture wherein athletes understand their commonality. It is what binds them, and that foundation is unshakeable. That process should span from the very young, to the very old. To the innately gifted to the developing bambi. You should not be precluded from your own capability to move better and increase your “current holding” due to circumstances or preconceived notions that limit possibility. Because the possibilities are endless. And when you understand your base human-ness(ity), and then can tease out the things that make you unique and special … then, we can really build into something unique and amazing. Armed with the Wisdom, Understanding, Synergy, and Unity to weather the storms of life, competition and beyond.

That is Wusu Training.

Who I Work With

To this end, I honed my training approach over the years by working with folks of all ages and abilities. The youth and developing athlete, the budding superstars, continue to provide a wealth of information and inspiration. Getting the right information to these prolific sponges will change the world. That is my greatest goal, and is why I will soon be launching an academy to teach movement to the masses. 

The professional athlete, the goal for many, provides the metrics and performance testing at the highest level, keeping the quest for wisdom and its application true and honest. The remote office worker provides an increasing insight into the times, especially during sheltering, of the needs of the majority of the working force and how best to increase health along those parameters and within those constraints. The elderly and fall prevention cohorts provide important information as to what we missed, and how to stop the dysfunctional process forward. And the injured athlete, forever gives us insight through the lens of struggle and pain. 

All of these populations benefit from moving better. All of these populations would be better served cultivating and understanding their athlete (athletic…WUSU) mindset.

We cannot, we should not, exclude a population from the spoils of health as a generality. For if they are excluded, generally, then we have not made a process to help one another out in the most basic sense. The system or parameters in place have already concluded failure. And if that is the case, we should not be surprised when we see it. We should not be surprised when we recognize it running rampant throughout all of our populations. It is not random. It is not a fluke. It is simply the aggregated accumulation of a process that doesn’t address the needs of all, as a foundation. We are all different, but that shouldn’t be why we are all messed up. Said in another way, my differences should not define my dysfunction, they should be the reasons highlighting my excellence.