Get over Yourself! And Get Going

Get over yourself! And Then Get Going! Was the phrase I woke up to this #thrivethursday morning. With all sorts of meanings, seems to be the motto for the year!

Sometimes we fight and struggle against our calling. Sometimes we fight against our own success. It is silly to fight against the thing that will elevate your success, but it is also all too common.

I most likely knew my passions in life, mission, at an early age. It was tweaked and fine tuned as I added experiences. But generally it went just as my 2nd grade self thought: I wanted to have fun, I was going to have the most, and I wanted everyone else to try and match me. So my job was to help others have more fun.

Now fun, turns out to be an all encompassing term, but it has a unique way of putting a perspective twist and an energy on top of or behind most activities and endeavors. Whether I was hustling Magic cards, setting up co-op games, selling candy, immersed in competitive video games, slanging massages around town, cajoling people to dance, and then making them love it, and ultimately, finding people’s true passions through fitness and athletics and providing a roadmap and set of principles for them to achieve untold success.

It is about reigniting that inner fire, knowing anything is possible when the right attitude, energy and principles are applied. Human potential is too often minimized. We are all awesome now, having everything we need to achieve our greatest desires within us. Believe that!

Sometimes, we do need that spark, that individual, guru, quote, experience, insight, to unlock the barriers and unleash our previously restrained potential upon the world. A big thanks to all those, near and far, ones that I know deeply, others I just met, or e-met, who continue to encourage, push, and tease me down the path. And to everyone: Let’s unleash our inner warriors today!