Training for Remote & Office Workers

For the remote tech worker, looking to get through the work day in less pain, and have the energy to enjoy their evening and passions outside of work – we got the solutions for you. We all know we sit a lot more at our computers today than ever. We all know there are things we can do to be healthier. But we don’t. Or we can’t. Or we just don’t see the results to motivate us to continue to do so. Here at Wusu training, we understand that “ergonomic fatigue” is real. We set out to empower you to be your best selves while at the office, but also in your daily activities. Rediscovering your body, and simple ways to retrain dysfunctional patterns and thoughts, is a paramount to making the necessary changes for health feel effortless. Who wouldn’t want to effortlessly feel better in their everyday life? Join in and invite a friend or the office, and have your whole organization moving, feeling and operating at a higher level of optimization.​