Here at Wusu Training, we are obsessed with movement. Live, breathe, sweat, and think movement all day. Your body is only as strong and effective as the foundation constructed to create it. We are all inherently athletes. And we all need to tap into our inner warrior to optimize our best selves.

Who I Am

I’m a movement coach and believe the human body and mind have unlimited potential. I’ve gained a unique perspective into the deficits ingrained into the health, fitness and performance training we currently utilize as a culture. I believe a majority of the non-contact injuries athletes face today can be prevented. And I want to help you. I am a firm believer that every single person has the capacity and potential to move and feel better.

As a former Olympic level athlete, I’ve spent the last 15 years building a training methodology to help athletes of all types. I had a transformational and breakthrough experience that came from an injury that progressed to a potential amputation scare. In the process of learning to walk again, I become passionate about finding efficient movement principles and reimagining human body movement.